History Informs Us What Bad Gov't Is
History Informs Us What Bad Gov't Is
I made a new blog

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The account that has this blog, I forgot the password and I don’t use the email address anymore. It was easier to just start fresh.

I’m glad to be back. :)

Too much delicious-looking food on my dash.

I need chocolate pronto.


All these people who are wanting Hillary Clinton to be President in 2016.


I bet they can’t list anything she’s done in the past five years when it comes to her position of Sec. of State.

People don’t even know her actual positions on topics.

They’re just going to follow blindly like sheep.

Ban Bossy Bullshit

If you’re so concerned by how little girls are effected by the word “bossy” why don’t you teach them how to not let words or opinions that are negative weigh on their self-worth.

I remember the whole “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say about me bounces off of me and sticks to you.” saying from grade school. I can honestly say that once you teach someone that the other people’s opinions about the way you look or act don’t really matter in the long run, words like bossy or anything kids are calling each other these days will lose impact.

If I let all the mean, hateful things people said about me in high school bother me, I’d have been depressed all four years. Suck it up. Change the way words make you feel by realizing what opinions actually matter.

I did this side braid thing today.
I think I’m finally learning how to girl.

I did this side braid thing today.

I think I’m finally learning how to girl.

Probably by far the most awesome icon I have seen on Tumblr. Plus a fellow history major! Definitely a blog worth following!

Thank you! =D

I don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s day

But I have to wear green to work or else some of my more obnoxious coworkers will pinch me. Our work shirts are bright red so I’m going to look like I’m 3 months late for Christmas.

I’m thinking about quitting one of my jobs

I have two jobs. I’m a photographer with a school photo company which I love, but it’s seasonal(meaning I work seven weeks in a row in the spring and three months in the fall). I’m also a cashier in a grocery store. I’ve been at the latter for seven years. It was the first job I got when I was sixteen and I’ve never had a serious problem with the job itself or the people I work with until recently.

The issue with the grocery store job is that it’s very unrewarding. People come in, I scan their groceries, they pay, “Thank you, bye.” I’ve learned how to do basically everything at this store from cashiering to grinding ground beef to filling in for managers when they go on vacation. There’s no future for me at that job. On the other hand, I’ve pretty much been promised a full-time position (year round) at the photography job whenever one comes available. There’s a possibility that a position is going to open after our spring photography season, but it’s not a sure thing.

To make matters worse at the grocery job, a girl who has been working at the store for three years has started bad-mouthing me to the management, claiming I’m being lazy when I simply cannot complete the nightly tasks because of last-minute customers at the end of the night. She also refused to pass along a customer’s praise about my customer service to management even though he asked her to.

Every day is getting harder and harder to work at the grocery store. I’ve brought my complaints up to management, however it seems to fall on deaf ears. I’ve gotten to the point SEVERAL times in the past three months of just walking out(which is something I have seriously never thought about doing and honestly consider reprehensible).

I guess I’m just stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, if I quit the store and the photography position doesn’t open up, I need to find another job to take the grocery store’s place in the summer. On the other hand, if I stay at this grocery store much longer I’m worried that I seriously won’t be able to handle the drama that my coworker provokes and the unfulfullingness of the job itself.

Advice or insight would be insanely appreciated.
This is a question I’ve been struggling with for months.

Sorry for the absence.

I’ve been a very busy bee.